Big sky, little Nut

This is Canada. It is a place on the way to Salisbury. The Nut was very, very happy because he got to do his own walking. He walked a long way and wouldn't accept any carries even if it meant that he sat on the wet floor for a break. He also goes at a fair clip which is why he is so far away for me when I paused to take a photo.

Today was awesome for many reasons. Firstly, I awoke quite excited because I had realised last night while Jim was out that I could download free yoga podcasts onto my small TV like mp3 player (called the pod, though it is not manufactured by apple) and play them in any room of the house. This is brilliant for many reasons such as it gives not only a reason for buying an expensive pod that is like a small TV, but a free reason. So I trundled off upstairs with a cup of tea and some weetabix to inform my husband of this happy new and want he would spend is morning doing (namely, downloading, installing conversion programs, uploading). But only after he'd sorted out his curry breath.

Then the post arrived and brought my Mr Nuts bigjigs connection pack with which I combined all his railtrack into a glorious whole. Though I later found two little bits which was very annoying.

Then I received an email saying my doll will be here tomorrow am (I hope)

and then we went on our nice walk.

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