The second half of life..

By twigs

Unlucky number 3

It's strange the way things seem to happen in 3's - and the last 24 hours have seen a feathery trifecta for me.

Yesterdays blip (thank you for all your wonderful comments!) was followed by two feathery incidents in the garden today: firstly, early this afternoon, I heard a shuffle in some bushes, saw a flash of cat then heard some soft birdy sqeaks. I headed over to the noise and caught the cat unawares - he promptly dropped his prey and ran off under the house for protection. I managed to catch the stricken young blackbird and took him into a neighbours garden where I thought he'd be safe from feline fangs. Blow me down if late this afternoon I didn't spy this wee chap sitting in the garden under a bush just a couple of metres away from me - a young thrush whose left wing looked like it might be damaged. Unfortunately I couldn't catch this wee one and he disappeared into some thicker undergrowth. I fear that the cats will get him in there :(

So what do these 3 feathery incidents mean I wonder???

Postscript: make that four!!! I've just seen my one-year-ago blip!!

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