By ArcLight

First in a series

This is the first in a series that I have been contemplating for a little time: #leithwalkshops. Cycling up and down Leith Walk I have plenty of time (especially going up) to peruse the various shopfronts of Leith Walk. I won't be confining myself strictly to "shops". I'll include cafes and similar under the heading as well, if they catch me eye. Until it is light in the evenings when I cycle home, the shops will be confined to those on the left hand side as you go up, because no way am I risking my life crossing the walk just to get a photo in the mornings. Anyway, there is plenty of material for an occasional series, especially if I go the long way round and cycle up from The Foot.

So I've started with my favourite. Tattie Shaw's: Fresh Produce from Around the World. I know we should support local produce, but the freshness and colour of this shop brightens me up as I puff my way to the top of the Walk even on the greyest day.

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