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I put this blip in to day so i could answer some of the queries that came from yesterdays Blip. This is my (butterfly flight) technique and it might work for you too if you want to give it a try - I dont do my flying birds this way.

Butterflies flit ! they are like some people I know they're all over the place - So I've got it down to this:

point 1 - 90mm macro f2.8 lens - there's no question about having to alter the zoom ! if you use a zoom it just hinders & further complicates the issue.

point 2. I have my lens on manual focus.- focusing on a spot where I think the butterflies will land - this way I can cover the whole area around the butterfly flight path increasing my chances.

point 3 I like the F8 and be there rule - and I shoot in raw to assist somewhat in post production. in good light f8 gives me a shutter speed of around 800
as the light is really good when the sun shines - which reminds me to say that butterflies come out when the sun shines so make sure you've got the sun behind you !! I dont! use a Poleriser.

Point 3B I shoot on 400ISO you could try 800ISO it might be OK - you do find out if you have a clean sensor shooting into the blue skies.

point 3. I sit down on a chair and make myself comfortable and concentrate on my flight path - hoping to get the good one !

point 4 I then apologise to my fellow blippers for having done so many Monarchs but its the season to be kingly !! - or something - good luck.

rgds pooba.

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