hello again

By admirer


Happily enough, in the evening the heating did function again well and we had some time to relaxe. On TV we saw the play of Helene Cixous "Drummings on the dike", in the performance made by Ariane Mnouchkine for the Théatre du soleil. It was fascinating to see the ingenious mix of living puppets manipulated by helpers in black, the voices came from far by other persons.
It was pure magic to see it. And I knew that I would like to blip to-day the puppet I own.
Long time ago in a gallery, back in my days in Leiden, there was an exhibitation of puppets, dressed in beautiful velvet garments, in all splendid colours.
I then choose purple. The puppet-maker so we were told was japanese and had made puppets for the theatre of the japanese emperor. I found that thrilling at the time.
I have cherished my puppet all the time, although he fits not in easily in any surrounding. I do not mind that the colour had faded away, time does that with all of us.
It is a very bleak day here, may-be the mist will lift may-be not.
I do wish you a happy Sunday in sunshine or in weather like I have.

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