By Runningbackwards

Spring has not sprung

It's not spring again but these are tulips.

Aren't they amazing up close?

Anthers, stigma, stamens - who doesn't get these confused? I'm supposed to be teaching it with confidence but I've never quite got my head around the smaller flowering plants.

I'm more of a tree fan (so hope they're not all sold off..!)

Did think of entering them in the 2011 challenge under tired as they were looking a bit droopy but thought that was probably pushing it a bit.

Saturday afternoon was livened up by a trip with Son#1 down Whiteladies Road, one of Bristol's shopping streets. Trips to Jessops and Jacobs (about 100 yards apart) revealed that they don't readily offer rubber eyepieces for Nikon D40s. Not that I thought they would. A brief chat revealed that the next camera up from a now 'redundant' D40 would be about £500 and could be classified as an entry level SLR.

With HD Video and Live View and a gazillion mega pixels.

Seems a lot of money but then everything seems a lot at the moment!

I don't want more features necessarily but would pay for a bit more quality.

Harmless window shopping. What we actually bought was some goalkeeping gloves (junior), a mug of tea, a kids' hot chocolate and some rocky road. Oh, and some Montezuma Chocolate for Mrs RunningBackwards.

I got a £1 bar of Dairy Milk with the paper - my weight loss plan has lasted all of half a day (although the chocolate is not yet open..)

Proper cold today ere in Brizzle!

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