To blip is to see

Without my contact lenses I would be lost (though I can obviously manage a camera closeup). The convention for lenses is gReen for Right and bLue for Left but I'm non conformist!

I've been going to the same optometrists since I was 19. Though the name and location have changed the phone number has stayed the same. In my early days of hard lenses insurance was essential as I lost lenses at bus stops and in shops, as well as the bathroom. I don't think my husband was even a boyfriend when he first had to go into a Ladies to look for a lens. Then, the lenses were polished at the annual check up, which was only a little more than a basic eye test. Now, the lenses are gas permeable, replaced annually, and the highly technical check up is a blipper's delight with retinal photos and computer analysis.

All of which helps with the 100th blip!

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