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By yogini08

Hospital - Army style

I had my chest x-ray done today. In the Army hospital, decked out in a military issue gown ... all very strange!

It wasn't like a civvy hospital and I was one of very few not in some kind of uniform. It was a bit like a large corporate office, but with sterile hospital rooms rather than boardrooms. To say it was no frills would be putting it very mildly indeed.

Just all felt very surreal! Great though-no sitting around waiting for hours on end, just super efficient bish-bash-bosh! The health service on the Garrison, although under-funded, is the best I have ever experienced.

The tanks are out today. It's the first time I've seen them out and again, it's rather a surreal experience. Waiting at the roundabout in your tiny wee Corsa car, with a line of giant tanks sitting behind you - it feels a tad vulnerable!

I wish I'd had my camera with me. I would have risked a discreet snap or two.

There is a parade on today, but behind the wire so again, no photo opportunity, more's the pity. It's foul weather, torrential rain and gales. Hope it goes safely. I am keen to get along to one of the parades before we leave-with permission to photograph! There is a very small chance that I might be cleared to go up on the Range and photograph the soldiers in training. That would be very fabulous indeed.

I was totally and utterly overwhelmed by your comments last night. I am getting round each of you as I want to thank you individually - such special words. I have a ferocious inner critic - you guys helped silence her last night and I will return to that entry and your wonderful comments when I need to gather strength in my decisions. Your words really meant a lot to me - thank you so much! X

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