Thought I'd jump on one tonight.

There's loads of sunsets and pink clouds flying up across the blipfoto homepage just now but that sky on the drive home was just too good to miss. For the safety of other road users it was probably best I stopped and took a good look at it rather than craned my neck trying to catch it in the rear view mirror.

Straight out the camera this one too...

Talking of manipulation... some big bankers almost spat the dummy today after getting stung for a 'surprise' £800m levy from the government. Aw diddums. That'll REALLY cut into some of the £6bn they were likely to pay out in bonuses. I wasn't all that bothered by all this besides a feeling of some small payback being served until I saw an item on the TV highlighting another imbalance between us and the banks. The example was how, if you saved £7500 of your money away in one of the banks just now, after 5 years you'd have made a massive £15. On the other thieving hand, if you were to borrow from the same bank £7,500 and pay it back over just three years, it would cost you £2,400.

So, all you whiney bank chief executives and your pretend quivering top lips today, I say, "HA! Gerritrightupye!"

On an unconnected note, three days of work left before a week off. Again, not that I'm not counting.

PS: Anyone heading south over the Kincardine Bridge here anytime soon look out for the MASSIVE pothole right in the middle of it - I thought I could see the river below through it today!

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