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Making pots of money

I took a trip to Bhaktapur (Nepal), and amongst the many interesting characters were these people making money jars for children to keep their coins in.

I did my bit for poverty in Nepal today... by giving out a couple of wet wipes. A young girl was selling some hand made wallets (that were nice, but I didn't want to buy), and strapped to her back she had her baby sister. I was amused to see that she had chocolate all around her face and all over her hands (I hope it was chocolate...). I assume that some tourist had given her a piece of chocolate. She was wiping her hands all down the older girls back and when I pointed it out she was horrified. She unwrapped the cloth that was holding her sister and told her off for making such a mess. Then she proceeded to pick up a dirty tissue from the floor to wipe her hands. I just had to do my bit for world poverty and generously donated a few wet wipes to help her cause. I know, what a hero.

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