Sugar Magnolia

By cew

Odds and Sods

A couple of months ago I bought this book to use as a journal or something. Didn't really have a plan, I just liked the book. When I was a kid I'd get a book like this and not want to ruin it so I wouldn't ever use it. I thought tonight that maybe I could use it for various things. One would be to include pictures and recipes that I think my son will want when I'm gone. Mince and Mash is a definite one. It may seem easy but too many ingredients and fanciness ruin it. My sister for example makes just about the worst mince and mash you could imagine!!
I have a small notebook (like the kind detective use in the movies to record peoples stories) and it's full of cut out recipes and hand written recipes of my mothers. I use this book A LOT. It's in really bad shape though....perhaps I will include some of those as well. I'm not sure John will always want these but he may. Right now he loves my cooking.
I thiink of my brother's though, and once they were married they changed their tastes and traditions.
I'm gonna do it anyways.....better than wasting this lovely book;)

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