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By buckleyhughes

Mrs R Bolton

So, today I have taken the plunge. Or more accurately, my sweetpea seeds have taken the plunge. They are soaking overnight before they get planted out tomorrow, in the compost that is acclimatising in the downstairs toilet (no, not in the toilet itself, silly, but in the room that surrounds the loo!)

This should make Mrs Morris very happy, and relieved that she's not the only one undertaking the sweetpea endeavour this year.

We have decided to go for 5 different varieties of sweetpea, and one of them is entitled "Mrs R Bolton". I have no idea who she is, or what her sweetpeas will look like: I don't mind all that much, to be honest, as long as they're tall, flowerful and fragrant!

I wonder how you go about getting a sweetpea named after yourself...

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