View of Soukka from the frozen sea

Here's a view of Espoo's suburb Soukka as seen from the sea. It is interesting to see how mixed the architecture is, as there are so many different styles of buildings right next to each other. The sea shore is filled with big modern houses, old wooden houses and the historic villa called Villa Miniato (which can been seen on the right), designed by the architect Eliel Saarinen in 1901 and eventually built in 1903. Then there are the ugly apartment blocks in the background which are very commonly found near the shopping centers of the suburbs. We rarely get to see these houses from this perspective as it's only a short time of the year that it is possible to walk on the frozen sea (and we don't have a boat during the summer).

Here's a link to an old blip from the same place from a different perspective. The area in today's blip is seen on the left in the old photo, where there is the little white hut and the red roof of the Villa Miniato: 10.10.2010

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