Yoga Mamma

By yogini08

Finlay's First Fringe Trim ...

Try as I might, I just couldn't leave Finlay's adorable baby fringe flopping over his eyes any longer.

Is it ridiculous that a tiny trim can feel such a milestone?!

My heart was being tugged all ways as I gently razored the ends.

I recalled the first time I ever stroked that little head, with the most incredible flood of maternal love overwhelming me ... then came the soft-as-featherdown fuzz ... the first blonde fronds ... the gorgeous curls, looping around the nape of Finlay's neck ... followed by the crazy birds-nest at the back ... and finally, the long fringe that needed trimmed, with every shade of blonde imaginable, catching in the light and dancing before my eyes ...

Every day, every night, every moment still ... the most incredible flood of maternal love overwhelming me.

Hmmm, not so ridiculous, after all.

Special thanks go to Silverback today, first of many, my friend x

EDIT; Only took a few wisps off the fringe - stayed well clear of those delicious curls ... Will have to build up to the first 'proper haircut' ... Was thinking, maybe when Finlay turns five?!

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