SuikerUnie Chimney Demolition Blipmeet ( SCDB )

Yes, the shots from the SCDB! Several blippers on the scene, including

~bubbles was there too, although not in active blipping mode ;)

And not the Mooney Tunes. Sleepy head!

The old sugar beet factory chimney was destroyed by a nice blast. Funny start: an alarm sounding (like an air-strike warning ;) ), a countdown, at 1 second the cameras start clicking, and then.... nothing...

A little electrical problem, so it seemed. After a quick run with some wire (no, seriously), they tried a second time. It worked ;)

Afterwards coffee with some blippers. It wasn't even a really set-up blipmeet, we just knew that we'd all be there, so why not meet up :D

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