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This week in Blipfoto - Making time for reflection

1st August 2014

Stylish lady, waiting, posing, photograph

August. Already? How did that happen? Before we know it, the seasons will be ready to change again... But as time shoots by, it's important to remember and take a moment to reflect. Read the full post...


This week in Blipfoto - celebrating your every day

25th July 2014

Skooter, jump, splash,

It’s Friday, but at Blipfoto we don’t just celebrate the dawn of the weekends, we like to think that every day is a day worth celebrating. Read the full post...


Real time Aurora - the most awesome show on Earth

21st July 2014

Northern Light, Aurora Borealis

The most amazing Northern Lights footage you might ever see! This film is shot in real time - not time-lapse. Read the full post...


This week's Staff Picks - Kayaking with Killer whales to Wacky Racers

18th July 2014

riders on the storm, surfer, apocolypse, after the storm,

A fantastic selection of Staff Picks - all taken this week - from Japan, Canada, Finland, UK and the USA. Read the full post...

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Get closer to the action - win unique Tattoo tickets with your Edinburgh photos

17th July 2014

Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Tattoo, Fireworks, Saltire,

The world-famous Royal Military Tattoo kicks off at the end of the month and we’ve teamed up with the Edinburgh Festivals to offer you the chance to win another unique prize to celebrate. Read the full post...