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This week in Blipfoto - Blippers are winners

5th September 2014

Svalbard, the arctic, light, Landscape photography, Lovers of light, Graham Colling

This week we’ve been marvelling at the Arctic Light. Our winner of the Velux Lovers of Light landscape photo competition has been sharing some fantastic Blips as he enjoys his prize - an adventure of a lifetime in the Arctic islands of Svalbard. Read the full post...


Blippers star in BBC photography competition

1st September 2014


The theme for this year's BBC Countryfile Photography competition was “Animal Magic”. But it might also have been ‘Blip Magic’ as two of the 12 finalists in this year’s competition were Blippers… And that was from 32,000 entries! Read the full post...


A personal photography project to bring local Copenhagen businesses out the shadows

30th August 2014

local community, local business, Copenhagen, The Enghave Project, Robert Thomason, portrait, photography, black and white,

Inspired by the many talented portrait photographers on Blipfoto, Copenhagen-based photographer Robert Thomason has completed a project that brings life to a community that had been left in the shadows of huge construction works, showcasing the diverse businesses that make up this local community in a novel light. Read the full post...


This week in Blipfoto - We're all stars (most of us just don't realise it yet)

29th August 2014

Milky Way and Aurora, Night sky, stitched shot, panorama, Staff Pick

This week we were able to share two very different, yet both quite special, stories from the Blipfoto community. And that's what we love about you guys. While Blip might be a diverse, global place, the stories that we all have to tell - whether large or small - make it the place that it is! Read the full post...


Going the extra mile - Cycling the UK's '4 corners' for Children's Brain Tumour Research

26th August 2014

Life Cycle 4, University of Nottingham, Charity cycle

This summer Nieves La Casta is doing something very out of character. She is going the extra mile - 1,400 of them, actually (2,200 km) - in order to raise funds for children's brain tumour research. And she's recording every day of her adventure on Blipfoto. Read the full post...