Dai Urnal-Instants

By DaiUrnal

Crockery Crocked

OK, it was probably an accident waiting to happen...

OK, it was used only to store Mundane Onions...

But I reflected, as I retrieved the stir fry timer that had fallen from a shelf above from the remnants, how much it means to me.

Not for it's intrinsic value, nice as it looks, but for the fact that it reminds me of an event in my life. But my memory is terrible, I can't recall whether I bought it in Andalucia when I visited it with Kat, or Oporto, when I was there with Lubi. Or was it Tunisia?

Still, it reminds me to remember those places, those times and those people, even if dimly. Crockery's so much more opaque than a glass, however dark.

It was a clean break. Wonder if I can glue it back together again?

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