About Us

Blipfoto is not just another photo sharing service. At its heart is a simple concept: to upload one photo you create each day, add some words if you want, and by so doing build a record of your life one day at a time. In a modern on-line world where many millions of images are taken and shared every hour, Blipfoto is a considered and curated space. Your personal history captured within a Blipfoto journal will increase in value over time.

Blipfoto is a community owned company. In 2016, a membership led crowd-funded buy out of the site took place. When the site was most at risk of closing, the very people who use the site put their hands in their pockets to ensure its continued existence. We operate on a sustainable footing, funding the site through member subscription, while still incorporating a basic free membership option.

For a few thousand people, from places spread out around the world, Blipfoto has become a significant part of daily life. For some, it’s about capturing the exceptional moments in life; for others, it’s about documenting the everyday. For some, it’s about the photography; for others, it’s about the words. For some, it’s about creating a personal story; for others, it’s about engaging in a social network. For many, it’s all these things at once. The only way to fully understand Blipfoto is to experience it for yourself, to participate. Anyone can join us. We pride ourselves in being an extremely friendly and supportive community. We could be described as a little oasis of calm in a very noisy on-line world.

If you are reading this as a newcomer then give the experience a try, and please try to persevere with it. We’ve created a getting started guide to help you along the way. Like anything of value in life, it requires some effort. The more you put in, the more you will get back. Trust us. It’s a very special place on the internet. We’d love you to blip your own way into our collective story. It’s a remarkable one.

You can read more about Blipfoto’s history, from its humble beginnings as one man’s personal pictorial journal, right up to the present day, on our history page.

Blipfoto is run on an entirely voluntary basis, with no paid staff or offices. With our sole income through paid memberships, we invite donations to support our activities and help develop the site. Whether you be a current member, a regular visitor, or simply value what we are doing, please feel free to express your generosity here!