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Blipfoto is the unique online photo journal which encourages everyone to document their life with just one photo each day.

Blipfoto started as a personal project in 2004 — one man's mission to preserve life's throwaway moments. It was a simple concept: choose just one photograph to record each day and share it with the world along with some words. It wasn't long before the idea grew into a worldwide phenomenon, entirely through word of mouth.

Blipfoto has over 5 million days of human life saved and users in over 170 countries. People from all over the world sharing real and personal stories, creating collective human history.

I take photos to preserve our memories for us and for my children to look back on and share with their children.


Blipfoto is free to use and available to everyone. The site is moderated under the ethos of "Be excellent to each other" - making it a safe place to record the little moments, a day at a time.

In 2016 the Blipfuture Community Interest Company ran a crowdfunding campaign to buy the site, to ensure that the site is owned and run by and for the community.

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