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Anniversary Time

Well done everyone – thanks to you, the community, Blipfoto is still here and every month thousands of you are still blipping.  Tomorrow will be a year since the community bought Blipfoto. We’ve got to admit the year has flown by from our perspective here at Blip Central.  We’ve hardly had a chance to reflect on all the things we’ve done since then.  Looking back on this journal over the last year gives us a better idea, but above all the other achievements by far the most important is placing the site on a sound financial footing.   That was after the re-introduction of membership subscriptions and that most importantly was down to you, who put your hands in your pockets to buy enough annual subscriptions to make us sustainable for the coming year.
As a community interest company, we have certain obligations and so the directors have been feverishly working away with calculators (or should that be spreadsheets in these modern times) and, with the help of our accountants, we’ve produced our first set of formal accounts for Blipfuture CIC.  This is a legal document that must be submitted to the regulators. To help we’ve pulled together an annual report that explains things in a more easily digestible format. The account papers are attached to the back of the report.
As you might have noticed, the directors got together earlier this week to catch up and discuss the ‘next steps’ (Edinburgh was rather cold!). We even had the chance to ‘meet’ our community coordinator, Michele, over the internet.  We’ve got plans that we will be revealing over the next few months, as well as another consultation to help us better understand the community’s views. As ever, our approach will be measured and inclusive.

So, as we fast approach our first anniversary of the community taking ownership and control of Blipfoto, it would be lovely if we could come together on Saturday and see some birthday celebration blips. We always love to see the imaginative ways you celebrate on such occasions. We’d also love to read about what blip means to you and the importance of the site being saved by the community.


How about tagging the celebration blips, #BFceleb1

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