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Can you help Richard and Bex?

So, we're starting to find our feet as we become more active on social media and we're really appreciating the support we're getting from you on there, thank you.  Now we're underway, we really need help from as close to all of our blippers as possible.

We'd like to start testing the water with other marketing activities but before we begin, we'd like to be approaching the right profile of people to fit in to our community. The best way we think to do that is with a quick survey so we can see what things we have in common and use those to form our way forward.  And that's where you come in!  

We are looking to quickly establish more information about blippers as a whole, including demographics and location, and the easiest way to do this and analyse the information is through a questionnaire.  Please be assured that the questionnaire is anonymous; we don't ask you to tell us your name at any point. 

It's really important to us that we understand more about our community early on so we hope to hear from as many blippers as possible. It should take about ten minutes to complete and will be available for about three weeks, until Thursday 24th October.  

We're really keen to make a difference and encourage new members to the 'blipfold' but much of this will be in our work together as a whole community.  So please, if you can, do try to find a few minutes to share your answers with us.  We all have our own ways of using our journals but we're fairly certain there'll be some big similarities that we'd like to understand much better with your help.
Go to the survey.
Many thanks in advance for your support in taking part.

Richard and Bex
Blipfoto Marketing Ambassadors 

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