400 Blips...

400 blips is still a landmark even though it's not an official blip birthday and I won't be getting any little balloons. Anyway, I didn't have anything better to blip! My blip is going through a phase where it's less about photography and more about keeping people in touch with what I'm up to while I'm out of the country, but I hope I'll still manage to post some good images from time to time. You'll see that today's blip is a no-effort job compared with my 365!

We had about 4" of snow overnight and another 4" today, so there is a LOT of snow out and about, and as you can probably see it's still snowing slightly.

I've spent nearly all day reading and preparing case studies, including one which included a LOT of financial work. It's been interesting and enjoyable, but I'm only just finished at 11:30 so it's been long... I failed to get to the gym today, but I walked into Wellesley this afternoon. I had been assured that the roads and sidewalks were all cleared the minute the snow hit the ground, but this proved to be utter rubbish. What should have been a 20 minute walk each way took twice that as I slipped, slid and ploughed my way along icy roads and through the occasional knee-deep mound of snow where lines of ploughed snow crossed my path!

If you saw/read my blip yesterday from my day out you may be interested to see the full set of photos from the day here.

I'm exhausted now, so it's goodnight from me...

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