2 Years of Blipping - 730 Blips

2 Years.
730 Blips without a gap.
161,242 views as of now.

In that time I've used 4 different cameras, having flooded two underwater.

I've quit my job, spent 7 months out of the country away from my wife, home and cat, visited extraordinary places and met wonderful people, and returned home again.

I have blipped people I love, places, things, abstracts... The meaningful and the meaningless, the lucky snap and the desperation shot. The only thing they have in common is that every photo represents my environment, my day, my feelings - yes folks, IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!

So that's why my celebration blip is of ME - I'm never sure whether to call this 2 years or 730 blips (subtle difference in a leap year) so I went for both. I'm proud to be a part of this community so I had to show off a blip card, and I'm so excited to have been here two years that I couldn't resist throwing in some Jazz hands.

Of course it's about more than just me.

It's also about communicating - especially while I was away this was a key way for my friends and family to keep up with what I was doing.

It's also about sanity. In a world that is sometimes crazier than two freshly shaken bags of irritated ferrets, it's a moment of calm in the day, a little fragment of time just for me, a constant to hold on to.

It's also about community - I enjoy so much visiting other peoples journals.

Thank you to everyone here who makes blipfoto.com a special place to hang out. Thank you to everyone who comments, to everyone whose posts I enjoy, and thank you (of course) to the wonderful team at blipcentral who keep it all going.

Finally, thanks to the lovely MrsCyclops for tolerating my blipping (and everything else!) - without her I would be nothing.

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