5 Blipping Years

Well, it's 5 blip-years since my first post on 16th December 2007.

Once again I find myself doing the things that only blippers do. Kneeling in the snow in my driveway at 8am with some candles and a camera, trying to explain to a neighbour that there is no need to call any sort of assistance for me...

Our cat Misty died at the weekend, and losing her brought home to me just how precious the memories I create on blipfoto are. I have FAR more pictures to remember her by than I ever would have had otherwise. So many of my shots trigger wonderful memories when I flick back through them, even if they appear mundane or trivial to the outside observer.

My life seems to be far busier (mostly in a good way!) than when I joined this site, so I spend less time browsing and commenting on journals than I used to, but I still love to have a look around when I have a moment.

5 blip-years on, 1825 entries with no gaps and nearly a quarter of a million views on from my first blip and I'm more addicted than ever.

Huger thanks to Joe and everyone else at blipcentral for this wonderful site, and to everyone in the blipfoto community for making this the special place that it is!

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