The Smiles Returning to the Faces..

First off!! Thank you to everyone who visited yesterday and wished me well on my Blip Birthday! I was overwhelmed with visitors, and hurt my typing fingers trying to say thank you to you all individually, I hope I did not miss any one!

I moved office today.

On one hand I was sad, because I loved the desk in the room, that felt like home as soon as I moved in. But on the other hand, my new desk, is brand new to me and came with a beautiful pot plant to make me feel happy, and slate coasters for my multiple cups of coffee each day.

My old office was in the town center - close to the beach and close to the shops and railway station.

My new office is in a Business Park with open views across to the Clyde and Arran and beyond.

Between us and the Clyde, is an airport. This is not a bad thing. The thrill of seeing a huge cargo plane land or take off less than 500 yards from you is amazing. It doesn't happen often, but I love it when it does.

When I was a student, I worked my placement at large Aircraft manufacturers, which was possibly 200 yards from the runway. Every morning I would head out to the fence and stand at 9.08 and wait for the Northwest Orient Cargo plane to land. You could feel the ground shake under you.

That manufacturing plant was an eye opener to me in the ways of men in the work place.

The ladies toilet was situated on a mezzanine level above the factory floor, at one end of the hanger. The concrete floor echo'd with my heels as I clip clopped along from my wee office to pay a visit. Conversation would stop as I walked along, which in itself was kind of intimidating. I would then climb the corrogated metal steps to reach the toilet. Nothing like advertising a visit!

As I exited the toilet, every time, there would be a gathering of men below the steps - the coffee machine was there, and they would all be standing under it, looking skyward, because they could see through the grills, and right up my skirt.

One day as I tottered down the stairs, a hand reached from between the steps and grabbed my ankle and sent me face first down the stairs! I scrambled to my feet and ran back to my office trying desperately to compose myself. My boss' tact was "they are lads, they'll always demand a bit of fun".

They ran me ragged during my time there, what a learning experience!

I'd hate to see what any young feminist would make of their behaviour today! I got them all back tho!

Some of the gentler ones took me out for a drink on my last week, and I arrived back after lunch full of the devil, made a bee-line for the ones who had terrorised me and discovered that when you demand the attention that they had been "promising", they are all mouth and no trousers!

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