Hancock House, Boston, 1767

John & Ebenezer Hancock House at #10 Marshall Street in Boston, one of the city's oldest buildings on one of it's oldest streets still in its centuries old form. John Hancock of U.S. Independence fame is associated with this house. More info also here. This place once had two million silver crowns in it to pay the Continental Troops. I visited this house as part of a trip to Boston doing preliminary research on Robert J. Van de Graaff and his eponymous generator - the prototype of which still exists in working order 80 years later at the Museum of Science in Boston. So many cool blips to choose from. If you are ever in Boston you must check out the old cemeteries. Lots of blippable grave markers. Also on this street is the Union Oyster House (1826) and the Bell and Hand Tavern from around the same time.

Back-blipped 01 March 2011

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