Chase the Devil

Seems apt.! this is from ARkology a great collection of tunes from Lee Scratch Perry's Ark,

Lots of shit in my head at the moment, and I am not one for getting lots of shit in there. Anyway, today I had a superbly grounding lunchtime. Can I say that without get accused of being odd. (It is my journal, so I can say whatever I like.)

Further clarification came after work. I helped a very pished woman who had fallen in the canal. We carried her bags along the canal path towards her flat. She told me that someone had kicked down her door and beat her and husband up, they had been sleeping rough for a few days and that was her finally heading home. She had no idea where her husband was and didn't care either.

Me, I cycled home and met all the lovely people in my house and they are all safely sleeping up stairs. What the hell do I have to worry about.

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