Shifting Perspectives

By notout97

ars photographica

I used to enjoy Latin at school, which in many ways is quite odd. Strict grammatical rules and strict teachers! I had two archetypal Latin masters; Mr Meakin and Mr Clark (if I remember correctly); and of course mild mannered but charming Miss Nisbett. Ecce Romani and The Gallic Wars by Julius Caesar. Unseen translations. Those were the days.

I found myself perusing an old Latin dictionary (is there any other sort?), and out of curiosity I looked up 'photography', not expecting to find it, given that it hadn't been invented until long after Latin was in current use. But there it was - ars photographica. And they say Latin is a dead language!

Anyway, been a busy day today - day-long meeting and a couple of crises. More of the same tomorrow. Ho hum.

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