Master Mariner

By MasterMariner

What is this?

It is called a mudmat and it belongs to the jacket we have to install on our new location offshore India. When the soil of the seabottom is very soft, it is very hard to put down a jacket level on the seabottom. It will have a deep and unstable footprint. If you increase the area around the legs this effect will become less. The ultimate mudmats are the ones you see here, the complete bottomsection of the jacket is mudmat, so much that you can't even see the jacket behind it. Although it is a relative small jacket, it is still impressive if you see our tiny riggers and bosun busy with taking over the barge from tug Sharief Express. You see the tiny holes in the mudmat? that is were the conductors will go through, more than thousand meter into the bottom, transporting your oil to the surface.

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