Meanwhile, at the coast..

By meancoast

The Gilbert Case.....

......One of those nights where sleep eluded me (not that I'm blaming Lady Findhorn and her scary dentist blip......much.....), 52x brain activity sounds about right, no particular reason, stuff happens right?

On the upside....and I'm a big fan of the upside...I listened to a whole 4 hours worth of a vintage (1954) Paul Temple
mystery serial in the wee small hours (have I ever mentioned how much I love BBC Radios 4 & 7?), the very best bit of which has to be the closing credits (don't worry, this link...with any luck 'cos it's the first time I've tried a 2 minute soundclip, not a commitment to listen to the whole 4 hours!) where the characters encapsulate their complete performance in a single line......I think my favourite has to be "whatever happens Mr Temple, DON'T go down to Reading", but Charlie the much put-upon butler/general factotum also has a corker!

SPOILER: The copper dunnit!

I suspect it's going to feel like a very, VERY long day.........

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