a day in the life of Jack

By jacksmom726

Self Portrait

Well, I've been part of the wonderful world of Blipfoto for almost a year now. I've seen so many great self portraits and always admired those 'not too afraid' to put one up. I thought it was about time I tried it. (although I did have a photo of Jack and I together back in the Fall, but I didn't consider that a proper SP)

I'm a bit nervous about putting this up honestly, but I thought I should join the ranks of all the others and just 'bite the bullet'. I took about a zillion photos, and disliked all but this one.

I decided that I liked it in black & white, but wanted to keep my eyes natural (not that you can see the second one!). So here I am with my fuzzy hood on hoping I don't have to wear that for much longer....Spring must be on it's way, right???

****I just want to thank the makers of Photoshop for allowing me the option to soften out all of the wrinkles on my face*****

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