Yellow and green

I'm glad our neighbour made sure his tractor was colour-coordinated with the pansies in our window box when he parked it outside our kitchen at lunchtime!

A beautiful warm bright spring day, but a quiet morning for us after a late night. It was great fun, as always, and everyone enjoyed the food. It was an extra celebration, too, after the result of the referendum in Wales on Thursday, when the majority voted Ie dros Gymru (Yes for Wales) to allow the Welsh Assembly law-making powers like those of the Scottish Parliament.

PS I don't mind at all about having a tractor parked outside the house. Our neighbour is very friendly - we had a cheery exchange through the window when he returned to his tractor - and I like living in a working village where things happen and there are people around....and I know the tractor will only be there while he has his lunch and will be safely put away this evening!

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