Any idea how long these things are supposed to last? This one was new six years ago as the one the car came with was a little worn-out as the car was the forecourt demo model and had been fitted with a special really-hard-to-switch-off-completely radio which seemed to have been left on lots. Is it an age thing or can it possibly have something to do with the car sitting unused in a cold garage for the past few days between drop-off and collection around its MoT test? Do modern batteries still open up so that you can drop wee acid-refreshing tablets into them if they're getting a little weary?

A moderately smug this afternoon after starting to tackle some onerousness of the putting-them-off-only-makes-them-seem-worse variety yet abstaining from all chocolatey treats besides the obligatory morning muffin and not spending any money on extra lunchfood. I also resisted buying extra coffee despite finishing my flaskful before leaving for a lunchwalk. Two more days of know-exactly-what-I'm-doing stuff then a Tim Minchin gig then Cloverfield then an entire weekend (probably featuring more Cloverfield, possibly The Savages and probably Juno) which will hopefully seem more like a weekend than last weekend which didn't really seem like a weekend as the week preceding it had been rather non-work-like.

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