Random three

The laughter on Friday night was contagious. There were several moments that prompted a joke. A lot of laughter was at somebody else's expense and even the ones who take themselves mighty seriously had to make the effort to smile along. The group was large. The food was rich. And I wasn't particularly hungry. My sleeping hours have become erratic and Saturday rides, especially long ones among small groups are being missed.

Read more of the newspaper in the morning than I have done in a while. Found an article on the commercialization of the Mt Everest ascent, how the locals now call it the Everest Highway, a bunch of absolutely crazy records being set which sound like calls for cheap attention.

Dinner was sandwiches and some kebabs, which was preceded by some unplanned shopping. Would have been a good evening for a pub. Much brain-racking has been done by many around, much speculation, many conclusions drawn over half-cooked facts, facts not drawn from the source. A couple of unfortunate people camped in the midst of it all, owing to some unfortunate lapses. I think all this has an unattractive, largely feminine quality. I am in awe at how much time people can devote to gossip, sugar-coating it with a variety of deceptive names.

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