If I've got this right, samba schools form 'blocs' which parade at their given time. The bloc can be big and famous or small and unknown but all have their time to parade and all must rehearse, often on the street. We came across a small bloc rehearsing today on Avenida Atlantica, which runs beside Copacabana beach, and took some shots for a few's one with a guy's tattoo-ed back plus the bloc's bus ahead which has the music onboard, and from which people hand out freebies like neckerchiefs!

In other news it has been raining all day and most of our time was spent on arranging the collection of the floor and wall tiles that failed to be delivered as planned last night from the store, 45 minutes out of town. That took about 4 hours of searchng for a driver and vehicle and agreeing terms. We also went to pay off the local building material store where we have an account running for smaller things, took collection of all the black marble fittings that will be dispersed about the place and generally kicked backside. The team was up to five today including three skilled tradesmen, after yesterday's poor turnout of only 'the sleeping boy'. If that chappie McCloud of Grand Designs fame were here, he would be shaking his head and saying, 'There's very little chance they'll get it all done on time...oh dear, oh dear!'

It's not my 365th today but it is a calendar year since I posted my first blip!! There's even a thumbnail to prove it!!

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