By cyclops

Bridge to Nowhere

My usual commute from Edinburgh to Dunfermline is 20 minutes, and most days I can work from home if I want to. Today I had two meetings, and of course the bridge was closed by a lorry. I believe from the radio that they re-opened the bridge to high sided vehicles at 6:00am, and at 6:01am the first lorry across blew over. I suspect they may be reviewing the wisdom of their decision....

Of course, in 12 more days the tolls will be removed from the bridge. Personally I think it's a waste of effort - I'm not sure I would advocate tolls if a new crossing were built but I don't really think that it's worth all the expense of removing them - I don't believe they present a real barrier to use. In an era when we're increasingly talking about road pricing, removing a toll seems short sighted. I also feel for all the toll staff who will lose their jobs.

Anyway, I had a long journey round to cross Kincardine bridge which took about an extra hour (thank goodness I went through Boness instead of going for the M9 - there was a 10 mile queue on the M9...). On the way I experienced blizzards of snow and sleet, hail, rain and even bright sunshine. This picture of the bridge was taken in the latter, but you can see that in Fife conditions were somewhat less clement!

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