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65 / 365 - Behind The Window...

Another lazy day today...

Went out for a drive - I HATE sunday drivers! Went to park in a space, was just reversing and another car came in! They then realized I was parking so shot off... so I continued to reverse and another car came in behind me forcing me to drive away, thus losing my parking space!! I was VERY angry.

Had to go and park absolutely ages away from the shopping centre because of that inconsiderate woman thinking she could steal a place from an 'L' plate car!

Anyway - I've learnt that I have a case of road rage.... hahahaha! My instructor even said to me ages back during my first few lessons that I'll grow up to be one of those women that have to drive on an off road racing track every so often to let out any road rage! That sounds like fun!

Hmmm anyway - I ordered an OM lens adapter for my E-420 camera today! I can't wait until it arrives! Was a budget one though... so I'm worried it might not be good - but fingers crossed! I'e had the OM F3.5 135mm sitting on my desk for months now doing nothing - just want to use it! :D

Now as for the photo - I've always enjoyed the moon/rise/sunset? but it's always looked scary from my window!

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