The snow we got last night was melting fast today but not too fast to use it to mark the 365! It took a little longer than a calendar year, but I've finally made it to 365. So, if you'll indulge me, I'll get up here on my soapbox and dispense with some blip tradition of thanks and looking back.

Thanks first to Joe and Co. I'll bet this place you've created has grown beyond your wildest dreams. I am constantly amazed at the quality of people around the world that frequent the blip arena. The friendly sharing of photography, art (& the arts), comments, pain and support here are, I think, unmatched for an on-line community. I believe that speaks volumes for the framework of the site and it's moderators. To see friendships blossom and grow between total strangers is amazing. And, the real lack of trolls on this site is a true blessing. That said, I have found it, at times, to be a Time Hole of Epic Proportions. :)

Thanks to Willis for bringing the blip to my attention early last year. And thanks to all my blip friends, those I know personally, and those I've yet to meet, who drop by with their comments. Thanks to my many fb friends who comment that they enjoy my blips. I think some may be even thinking of signing up on the blip side. Thanks to my family who put up with me having my camera nearby all the time. Admit it girls, I've gotten some pretty cool pictures I wouldn't have had otherwise.

Finally, since I can't thank each of you individually, thanks to all of you wonderful people who subscribe, comment or just drop in to see what I've posted. Seeing the view count grow and the comments notification lit up still gets me jazzed.

I have seen sights I never would have seen and been in contact with folks who I may never meet in person (though I can always hope). I have seen some awesome photos, learned photography techniques; discovered artists, writers and musicians. But most of all, I've enjoyed every minute of it..

A brief retrospective

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The Stained Glass Collection

Cheers friends. God bless you all. Onward into the next blip year!

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