Was It Really So Long Ago

By LincolnGreen

Its Concrete, Its Grey, Its ...

... Stafford Railway Station! I love to hate this place. At least the concrete is warmed by the rays of the sun today, but it usually looks a thoroughly depressing grey.

Just North of the Station, lies a tunnel, through which we have just passed en route from Liverpool to London. The laptop (Its not mine) reacts to tunnels really quite violently, throwing up a myriad messages such as 'TCP/IP at unknown server address' and 'help I feel disconnected - I must panic!'

Meanwhile, back to the station. It was clearly functionally designed (in that it has platforms and buildings with doors and windows in the right places) but alas no thought or more likely budget was given to form. It's a soulless place that would undoubtedly put the most hardened tourist at risk of heading straight to the next town. I wonder whether any of you have found something to beat it?

Right, the laptop is still misbehaving, so I'm off to give it a thorough thrashing.

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