Day of the Tripods

By geo1903


Its only been a week or so since Corrie the Staffy passed away we'd had some conversations about whether we'd replace her, indeed, if at all. The kids (well adults) missed her, Mrs Psycho was still noticably hurt and indeed I missed her a lot myself. After eight years of Staffy fun and games it really does leave a massive gap in the household.

It makes you think back to our first one, Bruno, and then his friend and soulmate Chico and you wonder just how anything on earth can replace these wonderful creatures when they go. That's three we've given a home to now, and all were totally different characters. Superb memories and stories but thats for another day.

So yesterday a spur of the moment decision was made to visit two Staffies who found themselves needing new owners through no fault of their own. Yes, I liked the dog, he was a proud animal, and looked to have a bit of the rogue about him.... wouldn't even be in the same league as Bruno for that characteristic though ;) the bitch was much more reserved, uber cool if you like.

However, within one nano-second of Mrs Psycho feasting her beady ones on her I knew what was going to happen.

So yeah, Stella says "Hi" and Mrs Psycho is smiling once more.

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