By wingpig

alive and well and living in stockbridge

No indecision today. Between India Street and Kerr Street there's a little bewilderment of stairs and walkways leading between the upper street, two levels of housing and the lower street. The only other thing was the tell-tale wheel-spaced depressions on the north side of Charlotte Square where all the rich people have dented the parking bays with their fancy cars' wheels.

In preparation for selling my camera I wanted to fish out the box, all the accessories, the original software and the instruction manual this evening. In what must be the most successful rootle I've ever had I found everything but the lens cap within half an hour. The search also turned up the invoice for a pair of trousers I returned to Hawkshead mail order a couple of years ago; I found the refund cheque this summer when it was already far too late to cash. Hopefully with the invoice I can get a replacement cheque and add another few pounds to the fund.

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