Don't You Dare

Had a wee 'minding this morning that winter's maybe not quite done yet. Not too bad and thankfully all gone by the time I'd finished my Crunchy Nuts.

The rest of the day can be gauged by the fact the only thing I can remember of consequence is that Phil Collins announced he's hanging up his drumsticks. That, and the fact that I stared at the word 'timeously' I'd typed on my phone after it was used in a meeting for so long that it lost all sense of meaning and wasn't even recognised by the spell checker (suggests 'timorously' or 'timelessly'). Went off on a tangent and started wondering why the Americans have started pronouncing Tunisia (Tune-is-ay-a) Tunisia (Tune-ishya). Glad nobody asked me any questions, hadn't the foggiest and just nodded my head in agreement when eye contact was made.

Also added some extra memory to the MacBook this evening and it seems to be working wonders; I'm typing much faster now.

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