A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley

Not the right blip

The picture taken immediately before this one should have been here. It contained a little girl running happily home from Musical Theatre class with her balloon.

I remain convinced that even if I had not tried to combine chase and rescue efforts with photographing the outcome would have been the same. There were many tears.

Tears were dried with memory of box of chocolates at home*.

I have the awful yet lovely dilemma of needing sleep and being really into my book...just a few more pages...

Lesley x

*A won a very prestigious Community Award at school this week. Voted for by the older kids who buddy the younger ones at playtimes. A was chosen as "most helpful and kind" from the reception year. Prize was a £5 gift voucher. I'm sure they had in mind she would choose a book or colouring stuff or the like. I know I did when I gave her total freedom of choice. A giant box of Roses it is then!

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