Sugar Magnolia

By cew


When I woke up this morning to an absolute winterwonderland (yet again:() I was wishing today was White day!!
But alas it's pink here you have some plastic pink flowers I found at work:)
Buses were cancelled because of the snow today and we weren't expecting to be busy at work. They called the waitress who has quite a drive in and told her to take the day off. I just live around the corner so I made it in no problem. I offered to waitress (which I've never done before). We only had 4 tables (8 people) so I was just fine with it. It was actually kind of fun:)

Tonight my son has gone out with his's his 23rd birthday!!....and I'm here dogsitting Toby. Casey is very happy to have his buddy here;)

I think I'll go over to flickr for a few minutes and put some of my other pics from today there....check 'em out if you wish!

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