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Bathing ceremony

the bride and groom-to-be.

Bride bathe ceremony is one part of a series of traditional Javanese wedding ceremony. Bride shower or bathing ceremony the bride and groom-to-be, held a day before the ceremony (ceremony Panggih). Bath equipment in this ceremony, among others, clean water from several springs (seven springs), flowers (ylang , kantil, jasmine and rose flowers) are sown in water, a pair of young coconut and green cushion.

Bride doused with Perwitasari water. Perwita means sacred, essence means the flower. Prospective brides are doused with holy water blend with the flower or flowers.

People who bathe the bridal in the bath ceremony is usually the person or persons who married the elder. When finished cleaning, bridal special washed down with water that is placed in klenting (where water from clay) by one of the oldest woman there, then it slammed klenting until broken while saying "wis pecah pamore" (meaning the bride is beautiful).
Why is the bride and groom need to bathe? Marriage is a sacred event to build a family forever. Therefore, before marriage, the bride and groom need purification. holy physical with splash of Perwitasari water. Inwardly when being bathed, the bride and groom-to-be receive a prayer, blessing, and the counsel of elders. Bridal bath ceremony between men and women is carried out separately, but there is a unified.

this is my cousin, she's getting married on Saturday. before married, we're doing one part of a series of traditional Javanese wedding ceremony. today was a very busy day, and tomorrow also gonna be a long and very busy day.

hope you all had a great day!


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