horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Alternative Planet

There is so much to get annoyed about with this utterly stupid anti-alternative billboard. For instance, the £250m mentioned would not necessarily be spent on bulletproof vests, hell it wouldn't even probably be spent on defence.

So the exploitation of an emotive subject for political ends (annoying in itself) is based on total fallacy. And you can bet it's deliberate.

And what is the £250m? I think it's the cost of the referendum, so voting 'no' will do nothing to stop the £250m being spent. In fact you will have contributed to that cost!

It would also be interesting to know how much the conflicts, ongoing, in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost. I'll bet it dwarfs £250m. Having gone into it allegedly to bring democracy (but hey, we know it's the oil, why else are we also now interested in Libya, but left the likes of Zimbabwe and so on to it). So bringing in AV actually improves democracy, and doesn't send anyone to die. How awful.

If we'd had AV originally them we might not actually have gone to war and then the bulletproof vests would be irrelevant!

Pedantically I could also suggest that the soldier pictured only needs one bulletproof vests, but let's not let grammar get in the way of a distorted exploitative message shall we?

AV 'ain't perfect by any stretch, but at least there is democratic reasoning to the yes side, rather than trying to protect a status quo that benefits the few which seems to be the rationale behind the no side (because if they had more substance they wouldn't have to resort to this nonsense).

Sometimes I really hate politics....

Day spent out at the farmers market then hiding from the rain and cold clearing up the loft (with the help of two bookcases procured from our closing down office - we have quite a few books...). Oh, and pondering a 500mm lens in advance of my redundancy pay at the end of the month....

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