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Bus Taxi And... (Canterbury, Kent)

I look on Blipfoto everyday and see extraordinary images from so many great people. I love how there seems to be a 'Blipper' at every major world event that has happened recently. Hearing about those events from real people on the ground instead of the media brings it much closer to home and I think helps everyone understand what's really happening.

So... when I only have shots of food, a kettle or even a sunset or road I feel a bit inadequate. I'm going to start attempting to really work on my shots every day but some, no.. most of the time I'm just too busy. I'm going to start trying to make the time.

Moving on to today's shot, I like the colours here, had two choices but decided this stood out more. It was taken on one of mine and Naomi's random walks around Canterbury; we were standing on the bridge opposite Canterbury East Train Station.

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