Photo-a-day retirement

By mpp26

Huge excitement - Orca pod in Wellington Harbour!

Just realised this is my 300th - was going to do something special but this for me is so special nothing else could match it!!

What a wonderful morning we have had!!

Woke to a beautiful day, after (too much) breakfast, off to the end of the Pancarrow Lighthouse road, me to walk husband to sit in the car and read, and the younger ones to bike up tot he lighthouse and around the lakes.

Was taking a photo of a big black shag and saw something in the water - really excited to see it was a couple of orca whales!! Only other place I've seen them is in the sound near Vancouver Island.

Went back to car and met up with the others.All had had a lovely time. then headed for home only to find the orca were right there, in close enough to the shore to see them and everyone was looking and pointing and smiling! What is it about seeing these huge mammals that makes people feel good?

Took some shots, this is the best one. A big male orca rolling over and over, slapping his tail on the water.

There were a couple or females at least and a calf. My daughter has lived here for 8 years and never seen them even when living in Oriental Bay.

We could not believe our luck!!!!

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