Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Tatum's new skirt

A surprise package arrived in the mail today as we were taking the girls to the Children's Museum (my 3rd trip in 3 weeks -NOT my favorite place, but Tatum wanted to take Fiona there and we are going to miss our Fiona monday so that's where we went). We all shrieked with delight at the wonderful creations that tumbled out. My very good friend N has a talented daughter-in-law who had a web business of children's clothes (Kidcosmic)--well, unfortunately she has had to close it, so my friend was able to have some to pass around. This skirt for Tatum, and 4 outrageous dresses for Fiona!! I trust you will get some in a future blip.:-)
Nick Cave reception at the Seattle Art Museum tonight - a hoot of a show of this artist's "soundsuits"-outrageous wearable art of recycled materials. (Now I'm planning what to do with all those doilies and crocheted potholders I've been saving for an nspiration..) No photos allowed inside but I hope to catch them out and about town moving about.
Now to bed -an early start for the island tomorrow morning!

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