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By EdwardFenner

Glenora Distillery, Nova Scotia

Vacation 2009: The Maritimes. Day 8. I enjoy Scotch whiskey very much so when we were planning our vacation we had to include the only single malt Scotch distillery in North America - Glenora. There are a couple of others in the works. One in British Columbia and another in the USA somewhere but for years and when we were there it was the only one. We did the tour which was interested and compared well with the tours of distilleries we have done in Scotland. Samples were, of course, provided. I had four: mine, most of Linda's (she's not a big Scotch fan, plus she was driving), and there were a few drams left on the tray when everyone left so I double-back and downed them! Bought a T-shirt, a souvenir glass, and a bottle to take home. We had lunch in the restaurant which was very nice - both the place and the food. I had oysters. Live local music was provided by Robbie & Isaac Fraser. Great fun!

Back-blipped 13 March 2011.

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